Join Rory Feek for a Juneberry Hill Schoolhouse benefit dinner (separate from the Superb Food Independence Concert) in Ohio’s Amish Country
Tue Evening, June 20 | $250/seat | Only 200 available tickets on sale NOW! Call Jan at 330-601-6090 to reserve your tickets.

On Wednesday evening, June 21, you can also enjoy an evening of storytelling and music with Rory at the 2023 Food Independence Summit in Walnut Creek, Ohio. For more information visit All proceeds will benefit Juneberry Schoolhouse.

Our Goal is to Instill a Love for Learning

Enrollment will open April 1, 2024 for the 2024/25 school year.

Juneberry Hill Schoolhouse is a multi-age, full-inclusion one-room schoolhouse where practical life skills, friendships, and character building are emphasized as well as traditional academic curriculum.

A sketched rendering of Juneberry Hill Schoolhouse

Spend Time Learning Academics...

Traditional Academic Curriculum is taught using a variety of resources and a competency-based approach to instruction where all students progress based on mastery of material at their own pace.

As well as Practical Life Skills...

We go outside every day, no matter the weather. The gardens, fields, barns, and pastures are just as much a part of our classroom as the space within our schoolhouse.

Growing Faith, Friendships, and a Love for Learning.

All students are valued members of the community, whether their needs are unique or typical. All progress through curriculum is based on mastery of material at their own pace. 

We Are Looking for a Teacher.

Coming Soon...

Please note, to maintain safety and minimize distractions, unexpected visitors are not accepted during school hours. Please contact the teacher or administrator to book an appointment for a meeting or to set up a time to visit the school. Thank you!

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 181
Winesburg, OH 44690



Dundee, Ohio